Tuesday, November 1, 2016

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It's been forever, I know. No one will see this. But, I still have bought stuff, and I'd like to point anyone who happens to read this in the direction of some real good stuff. So, while these aren't "reviews" per se, consider them endorsements:

SX Liquid . There are other configurations, but the link is the one I got. Quality maple neck, and a basswood body. Very well put together guitars. If you have been looking for a surf type guitar, and play loud, these are your go-to. Yes, over against many Fenders, even.

Douglas Gravity NT  Again, many configurations, and the type pictured, that I got, is currently out of stock, but It's a fantastic alternative to a Fender Thinline. Heck, the right Reverend Billy Gibbons has one! Really, I got it because it's halfway between the kind of Thinline Mick Jones plays, and a Reverend semi hollow- it sounds and plays incredible, at least as good as any other guitar I own, at about one third the price!

Hotone Tape Eko I love the late seventies/early 80's Boss tape simulators- stuff like the legendary RS 20.  This isn't quite that, but I can testify the build quality is amazing, and the sound covers the three biggest uses for an RS 20- that slightly modulated delay, backwards delay, and a short, clean delay. It's at least as good as most of the other simulations currently available for those sounds, and the footprint is as tiny as you can imagine. You could probably comfortably tape it to your instrument!

Hotone Trem  I tried out a lot of Tremolo units. All I wanted was a good, choppy, hard Tremolo. This one does that, the best. There are better Tremolo units for nice, rounded fender style tremolo, and goofy tap tempo types- but if all you want is a square wave, hard Tremolo, there's none better.

Mooer Hustle Drive . I'm sure it was intended as a Fulltone OCD clone. It's not. The tonal range is much bigger. This is my "go to" for distortion. It can go from jangly overdrive to thick, meaty distortion. It's not so great for Fuzz tones, and modern Metal scooped distortion- but for any other distortion, you want this.

Mooer Reecho  Quite simply, the gold standard for analog delay. You'll see it on tons of pro pedalboards. For analog delay sound, this is it.

Sears Structure clothes  I am a middle aged Gen X dude. This line of clothes fits, looks clean, and is well built. That's about as good as it gets for me.

annd, the big One:

Toyota Yaris  I got a 2012 from Car Max ( and if you have access to Car Max, I recommend them highly) but it's hard to go wrong with these- they're well built, efficient vehicles. It's a comfortable ride.

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